Movement Therapist- Dancer- Teacher- Massage Therapist


Working corporal for many years and with experience on how the body functions,

I started my reserach journey to bring a balanced connection

between the physical body, its energy and spirit 

Working with hands on-- Zen-Shiatsu and other massage techniques--

teaching classes and personal coaching-- Yoga, Dance and Qigong--

 relaxation and contemplation techniques-- Yoga Nidra, Autogenes training, Meditation--

I focus on using the body and its energy efficiently.

In balance with the inner mental and emotional state and

the outer universal energy and force

The result is a balanced living entity--Body, MInd, Spirit in harmony,

 in flow with the universal stream and free from pain and disease 


"The first step is already half of the journey"

 Lets make the step together

Stay in touch and follow my classes and treatments

Looking forward to hear from you

With Love and Light

Mata Sakka