My journey into Qigong


 My first contact with Qigong, was while I was in New York in 1995 till 2000, 

As a young dancer, I was taking dance classes close by the area 

called “china town” and I was often mesmerised

 by the mainly old age Chinese Women and Men practicing Qigong 

in the middle of the busy city. 

Some early mornings, I was doing my shy attempts to follow 

what they do from a distance.  

My Chinese acupuncturist at the time, passed me a series of Qigong sequences to practice

and help my body recover, I have this small piece of paper till today.

I started practicing Qigong more in depth, in Berlin three years ago, 

after a health problem I had, the Still and Moving Qigong at the time, 

helped me recover and gave me a new light 

of interest and trust to the Qigong praxis 

I finished my teachers certification as a Qigong teacher at the Campus Naturalis 

with two wonderful teachers Rainer Kirner and Frank Händel

With Rainer, I had the luck to do further studies on 

Five Elements Qigong, Fragrant Qigong (Duft Qigong), Walking Qigong and Still Qigong

On my last trip this year to perform in Hong Kong, 

I did a teaching course on the Ruyi Qigong Style, HK    

I follow often the seminars, teachings and practices of Yixue Culture 

in Berlin from Sifu Wei Ling Wi

The masters I am inspired from Bruce Franztis (Medicine Qigong), 

Zhang Xiao Ping (Fragrant Qigong), Lukas Kasenda (Five Elements Qigong),

 Jwing- Ming Yang (Still Qigong, Qigong massage)

My Qigong praxis is following the form and philosophy

of the different styles I practice and teach,

in combination with my experience of the body as a dancer, movement therapist 

and with the knowledge of the main acupuncture points and energy Meridians 

used in both Chinese medicine and Shiatsu