Harmony of Body- Mind- Spirit

I am a dancer, teacher, health practitioner, movement and massage therapist, Kundalini Yoga and Qigong teacher, and last but not least a mother of two daughters. Originally from Greece, I lived in Athens and New York and now living in Berlin for the last twenty years.

Working corporal since a very young age.  First from the age of nine, as a short distance runner in the professional track and field team "Ethnicos" in Athens, then from the age of nineteen trained dancer and teacher with a BFA in dance pedagogy and movement studies in Athens, New York and Berlin. 

For more than twenty years I am practicing different styles of Qigong, Yoga and professionally performing with various choreographers and artists traveling around the world. 
My longest engagement (since 2005), as an ensemble member of the Sasha Waltz & Guests dance company.

Fields of inspiration and interests: Yoga, Breathing techniques, Meditation, Qigong, Shiatsu, Reiki and Massage therapies.  Dance- movement systems such as Klein technique, Body Mind Centering (BMC), Merce Cunningham technique, Release Technique and Contact improvisation.

I am a teacher of Kundalini Yoga,  RYT 500 Yoga Alliance, Hatha Yoga (Bihar, Sivananda schools), Yin Yoga and

I teach “The healing Art of Laughter”- a combination of Laugh Yoga, Movement Improvisation and Meditation. 

I am teaching Five Elements Qigong, Duft Qigong, Rice-Sack Medical Qigong and 

“The healing Art of Walking”- a combination of still Qigong styles with walking/ moving Qigong and Earthing. 

A practitioner of Zen- Shiatsu, a Reiki Usui Master- Teacher and a Massage Therapist- (Classic Massage, Trigger Point therapy, Deep Tissue,  Wellness Oil Massage and Foot reflexology). 

Working with different methods and styles of Contemplation, Mindfulness and Meditation. 

Guiding Relaxation sessions such as Yoga Nidra, Autogenic Training and the 

“Art of  Sound and Listening”- a combination of different methods of Contemplation, Meditation, Breath work, Pranayamas, Voice work, Chanting and Relaxation. 

I am a health practicioner (Gesundheitspraktikerin- DGAM- Deutsche Geschellfast für Alternative Medizin) and a Movement Therapist- (Ganzheitliches Bewegungtherapeutin) from the Campus Naturalis - (pending dissertation).  

I have a certification of Zen Shiatsu Practitioner from the ESI-European Shiatsu Institute and Campus Naturalis and currently studying further for a degree in Acupressure and Acu-Yoga. 

My vision is to use different moving techniques, including hands on praxis, to establish a strong connection between the body, mind and spirit, resulting in healthy living and prevention from disease.