Harmony of Body- Mind- Spirit


Shiatsu is an ancient healing praxis, originated from Japan with a great influence from Chinese Medicine theory and Acupuncture

 Is a gentle treatment in slow pace, done traditionally on a shiatsu mat by the floor, but also on a massage table.

  Shiatsu uses pressure and touch with hands, thumbs, elbows and knees in specific points and paths of the body, together with joint mobilisations and body stretches. 

The main focus of the treatment is to work with the body’s energy (Qi), to unblock imbalances of the Qi flow, restore excess or deficiency of energy and help the body, trigger its healing mechanism. 

A treatment of Shiatsu feels like a meditative dance between two bodies with an empty mind, and an open heart. 

A wholistic body therapy which is used to balance the body, mind and spirit for a healthy living and prevention from disease.


Wellness Oil Massage is a well known method of healing, performed with almond oil or sesame oil and mixed with different essential oils on a massage table. 

It includes elements from Classic massage, Ayurveda massage, Deep tissue and Hands and Feet Reflexology. 

The main focus of the treatment is to clear the lymphatic system, empty toxins from the body, stimulate better circulation and release muscle and joint tension. 

By the work of Oil massage, we achieve less physical tension and a deeper breathing, which results to better oxygenation of the whole body. 

This work is affecting not only the physical but also the emotional, spiritual and mental well being. I

The Wellness massage is a great antidote to stress and tension plus it stimulates the self healing mechanism of the body.


Massage is a method of relaxing and strengthening muscles, fibers, tendons, bones. 


- Life in modern times has become very luxurious in some ways. Most people who live in towns and cities do little physical labor. The demands of their jobs don’t allow them to participate in activities that make their muscles work. Coupled with not enjoying fresh air, naturally grown foods, or sunlight, their systems become imbalanced. Constant worry and stress increase the accumulation of toxins in their system.

- The best, easiest, and most natural remedy for all of these problems is massage.

- Massaging the body daily for thirty to forty-five minutes before bathing can improve one’s health and Vigor.

- If the entire body cannot be massaged, at least a foot massage should be done each night before going to sleep. The head should be given a massage once or twice a week, or every third day.

- By rubbing the skin the body becomes heated, which thins the blood and helps it circulate through the system.  That triggers a healthy movement of the QI- PRANA

- Massage is essential for all people in all stages of life—infants, elderly, handicapped, infirm, or athletes.

- For people unable to exercise, massage is an excellent alternative for enhancing the growth and development of the body.

- And for the young and energetic people who are living a busy life, and using intensively their body, massage is a must. The muscular strain, can only be relieved by massage. It refreshes the muscles, bringing them back to their original shape.

- For people suffering from sleeplessness or disturbed sleep, receiving a massage, or even self-massage, is essential. Foot massage, which is good for the entire system, is especially recommended for those suffering from fatigue.


-  If carried out in a gentle manner, massage is an excellent relaxation technique. 

- Massage of the spine, feet and arms, shoulders, and head can become an enjoyable experience for anyone and everyone.

- Massage of the pressure points (Tsubos, Marmas, Trigger points) relaxes the body instantly.

- Relaxation massage should reduce the speed of the breath and mind.

- With ageing comes the gradual loss of agility and quickness. The physical and mental strain that accumulates each day while one performs unnatural activities causes weakness in the nerves and impairs circulation of the vital life fluids. These enemies bring on premature ageing. 

To avoid this problem, and to reduce the stress on the body and mind, relaxation is a must. 

While yoga postures and deep-breathing exercises ensure relaxation, massage offers even more benefits. This is because massage employs, in addition to muscular stimulation, the miracle of touch, and fragrant  essential oils with rejuvenating herbs, can stop premature ageing, reduce wrinkles, tone muscles, and restore agility to joints.

- It lends a smooth texture to the skin, strengthens the nerves and the immune system, and helps the body retain its proper shape and elasticity.

- Regularity is key in obtaining the maximum benefit from massage.


Through massage body heat and vitality increases as the circulatory and respiratory systems open to provide fresh oxygen and vital energy in the form of nutrient and simultaneously, waste gases and toxins are flushed from the system.

- Massage increases the body’s production of white blood cells and antibodies, which provide resistance against viruses and diseases produced by Infections. It helps the defence mechanisms of the body and strengthens the immune system.

- Massage also increases the body’s ability to adapt to sudden changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure, as well as to other environmental changes.

- Regular massage helps balance the three body types, known in Ayurveda as doshas: vata (wind), pitta (bile), and kapha (mucus). Specially when there is an aggravation of wind, the best medicine is massage. For Vata people, massage is an extraordinary way to help balance the Doshas

- It also increases sexual vitality, and physical beauty, increases stamina, patience, self-confidence, wit and intelligence.

- Regular massage, prevents the development of many skin disorders such as eczema, blisters, and more.

- Massage is therapeutically used for neurasthenia, headaches, insomnia, gout, polio, obesity, arthritis, blood pressure irregularities, asthma, amongst others, and various mental disorders.

The following benefits of massage, specially Ayurvedic massage can be found in the Ashtanga Hridaya of Vaghata
- Removes old age
- Removes Fatigue
- Removes excess wind
- Improves eyesight 
- Increases longevity
- Strengthens the body
- Induces sleep and dreams-
- Strengthens the skin
- Aids resistance to disharmony and disease
- Soothes ailments caused by wind and mucus
- Improves the colour and texture of the skin